This little girl can’t walk yet but she can scale a climbing wall like a pro

By Samantha Luiz
30 June 2015

Little Ellie Farmer is yet to learn how to walk but this hasn’t stopped the toddler from scaling a climbing wall!

The 20-month-old, from Flagstaff, Arizona, appears to be following in her parents Rachael and Zak Farmer’s footsteps- the two are competitive climbers.

In a video shared online, the toddler can be seen pulling herself up climbing walls and looking down proudly at her parents.

'She’s really been part of the climbing community since birth'

“She’s really been part of the climbing community since birth,” revealed Zac.

“When she was first opening her eyes, she was at the gym, seeing climbers climb.”

Rachel agrees.

“I kind of imagined when I had Ellie that she was going to be this calm baby, and we’d always go hiking in the woods, and she’d watch the butterflies go by.

“That’s really nice, and we definitely have those moments together, but she is a really active kid.”

Because Ellie is too small to fit in a harness, she wears soft-soled leather shoes to protect her feet, and her parents are always on stand-by to stop her falling.


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