This little trick will reduce the kilojoules in your pizza by a THIRD

By admin
02 October 2015

Friday night is pizza night, right?

Well now you can tuck into your pizza of choice with a little less guilt -- about a third less, in fact. It’s a fairly obvious tip, but this team of researchers have proved there may be something in it! Blotting the excess oil off the kilojoule-laden dish with a napkin can save you 40,5 calories or 4,5g of fat per slice, according Labdoor. To make sense of their data (based on an average Domino's pepperoni pizza), they put together this nifty infographic, in which they calculate you can save around 6 611 calories (27 660 kilojoules) in a year -- if you, like the average American, eat about 23lb (10,4kg) of pizza in a year. This translates to about 1,9lb (almost 1kg) off your waistline.

Okay, you probably don't eat THAT much pizza. But dabbing away the excess oil certainly can't hurt -- at the very least, you'll save yourself from dripping oil down the front of your shirt.

Sources: Labdoor, The Mirror, Tech Insider

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