This local bar has come up with a genius way to help women in trouble

By Charlea Sieberhagen
13 January 2017

Dodgy Tinder date? An angel shot could get you out.

A popular restaurant and bar in South Africa came up with an idea to help clients who are unsure about their safety while on dates.

Hooters, which is well known for its orange hot pants and tight t-shirt wearing waitresses and large beers, stuck a notice on the female bathroom wall with a code that women could use if they feel threatened.

A Facebook user, Renaldo Gouws, of Port Elizabeth shared a photo of the notice on the social media platform.

Women who feel uncomfortable and unsure of their safety can go to the bar and order an “angel shot”. The drinks order is actually a code which lets the restaurant know that they feel threatened by the person that they’re on a date with.

An angel shot means that you need a staff member to escort you to your car.

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An angel shot with ice means that you would like a staff member to call you a taxi. An angel shot with lime means that you’d like the staff to call the police.

Other overseas restaurants also use similar codes to help woman who feel unsafe while out on dates.

A British bar called The Brickyard urges woman to ask for a “Rachelle” or a “Jennifer” at the bar if they feel like they’re at risk, reports Business Insider.

But it appears as though the idea originated in Florida, at a nightspot called the Iberian Rooster. The Tampa Bay Times reported on the code words used in December.

“We received a tweet from a gentleman with a picture that showed campaign done somewhere else, I think in America. We thought it was a cool idea and spoke about it,” says Roger Masson, marketing manager of Hooters SA.

According to Roger all the Hooters restaurants put notices up on their bathroom walls on Wednesday. After that news of their campaign spread like wildfire on the internet.

“We received mixed reactions, there has been a lot of positive feedback, people are also skeptical if it will work, now that the cat is out of the bag.”

Roger reasons that it doesn’t really matter if people know about the campaign. “That is not necessarily the case, because it is not a tangible product, it is a call to action. We can work on rewording the call to action, then it is still the same concept, just a different call to action. We can change it up, we can change the code to a sauce, or anything and we can communicate it in the bathroom.”

According to Roger they are focusing specially on women’s safety at the moment. “We are initially considering the safety of women also because we have a big female staff and contrary to belief, we have quite a strong female audience.”

But he doesn’t mean that a code-word system for men isn’t in the pipeline. “That’s definitely something which we will look into.”

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