This man bunked work for SIX years – and nobody noticed

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17 February 2016

It was only when he was due to receive a prize for 20 years of loyal service did his employers realise something was amiss.

Many people can't even sneak away for a long lunch without a slap on the wrist -- but a man in Spain managed to get away with ditching work for an incredible six years without anybody noticing.

According to el Mundo, Joaquín García (69) started working for the local authority in Cádiz, Spain in 1990. In 1996 he was appointed as the supervisor of a water-treatment plant in the city.

But Joaquín didn’t take his responsibilities particularly seriously – he simply stopped coming to work. Clearly his work wasn't of much importance to anyone else either, because no one picked up Joaquín was AWOL for six years.

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In fact, it was only when Joaquín was due to receive a prize for 20 years of loyal service did his superiors find out something was amiss, says deputy mayor Jorge Blas.

“I wondered what had happened to the man. Was he still with us? Had he retired? Was he dead?”

Jorge phoned Joaquín and asked him what work he’d done the day before or the month or two before.

“He could not answer.”

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Joaquín’s co-workers had thought the treatment plant was being managed directly by the local authorities because they’d last seen him so long ago.

During his years of absence Joaquín had continued to receive his salary every month.

This week a court fined Joaquín about R477 000 for his indiscertions.

According to reports, it’s possible that he actually bunked work for 14 years but authorities could prove he was absent for six.

Joaquín’s excuse was that there wasn’t enough work to do at the treatment plant. To make matters worse his co-workers allegedly bullied him because of his family’s socialist politics.


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