This man did something so ridiculously awesome for his wife for their anniversary

By Petrus Malherbe
03 May 2016

Mike would not let 2300 km stand in the way of their annual tradition of 15 years.

They say true love knows no limits, and in Mike and Angela Johnson’s case, this seems to ring true.

Mike and Angela, a couple from Yellow Knife in Canada, are both completely besotted with KFC. So fond of it, in fact, that they served it at their wedding 15 years ago.

Ever since, Mike has been spoiling Angela with a takeaway meal from KFC every year on their anniversary.

That is until this year: The KFC closest to their home has closed down. Yellow Knife is a remote town in northern Canada, about 2300 km from Vancouver. But Mike would not let this stand in the way of their annual tradition of 15 years.

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After combing the internet, he and his son discovered that the nearest KFC is now a “mere” 700 km from where they are. After arriving at the KFC in High Level, Alberta, Mike ordered 15 buckets of chicken – just to be sure the trip was worth the effort.

The staff at the KFC were a bit perplexed, to say the least, Mike told CBC News. “They said it might take a while,” he says. “I said that’s okay, and they started preparing it immediately.”

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Mike even tried to charm the restaurant into selling him frozen KFC chicken, but they refused. “If you want frozen chicken, go to a supermarket!” they told him.

Father and son hit the road that very day with their 15 buckets of KFC safely on the back seat.

And what did this little outing cost him? Only about R8,650! But Mike says it was worth every penny. “We’ve had this tradition for 15 years. Why stop now?”

Sources: Metro, CBC News

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