This man filmed himself going down a terrifying water slide BACKWARDS

By Lindsay de Freitas
23 July 2015

A daredevil from Texas in the USA took on one of America’s most dangerous water slides and almost didn’t live to tell the tale.

Matt Hess captured the moment he rode down the Royal Flush slide at BSB Water Park in Texas with a GoPro camera. But things didn’t go quite as planned and towards the end of the video Matt realises that he may have made a huge mistake. In a video he posted to Youtube Matt’s euphoria quickly turned to terror when he hit his head on the slide's sharp incline, before being thrown into the air and then falling into the water.

'The look on my face is priceless'

In the description of the video, Matt wrote, "I was the only person brave enough to go down backwards and the only person stupid enough to not realise you'd smack your head on the incline… the look on my face is priceless."

The water slide, which is the world's longest according to the park's website, features three parallel slides with inclines which launch revellers into the air and then into the water below.

The slide is thought to be so dangerous that all riders are required to wear a life jacket before taking the plunge.


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