This man found out his neighbour was dying – and he did something pretty incredible

By Lauren Klaasen
18 February 2017

He was determined to make her feel “loved” for the rest of her days.

31-year-old Chris Salvatore took 89-year-old Norma Cook to be his beloved roommate, to care for during her final days of living, till death did them part. The actor from Los Angeles had moved into the same apartment block as Norma four years earlier, not knowing his neighbour would soon become his best friend and roommate. “I love her, she’s my best friend. I would do anything for her,” Chris told PEOPLE. The unlikely friendship started when Chris discovered his 89-year-old neighbour was dying and required 24-hour live-in care, The Mirror reported.

Norma, a retired interior designer, had been diagnosed with leukaemia 10 years earlier, but had given up on treatment. She had no relatives in LA, so Chris decided to let her move into his apartment where he would be able to provide her with the care she needed, without having to be placed in a nursing home. But Chris wanted to do more than just provide Norma with the first-hand care. And he managed to do just that. They did everyday activities together including chatting, cooking and playing with Norma’s cats.

Chris went out of his way to fill Norma’s last few months living with joy. She referred to Chris as the grandson [she] never had".

“I’m giving her a gift of passing on and being at peace and having a good time in her last few months,” Chris said while Norma was still alive.

During this time he also started the #MyNeighborNorma page on GoFundMe, to raise funds to help with the costs of Norma's at-home care, People reported. Sadly, Norma passed away earlier this week.

Chris shared many memories of himself and Norma on social media, including a heartfelt message after she passed away.

"Age doesn’t matter, it’s not something to hold you back from connecting to someone. You never know who could become your dearest friend," he said.

Sources: Mirror Online, The Sun, PEOPLE

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