This man gifted his girlfriend an EMPTY box – and her reaction was just spectacular

21 December 2016

What would you do?

The festive season is a great time to spoil your loved ones with gifts. So Twitter user @Braxtation was really treading on thin ice when he decided to gift his girlfriend a box.

That's right – nothing but an empty box. "There's nothing in it. But like you can put stuff in it," read one of the screen-grabbed text messages he shared on Twitter. Fortunately for him, his girlfriend had the best reaction to the unusual present. See her reaction in the following text exchange.

The messages have gone viral, with more than 19 000 retweets and over 64 000 likes. "I was both surprised and not surprised by her reaction," Braxton told Buzzfeed. "She’s always been a woman that is grateful for the little things… But at the same time I wasn’t expecting all of that."
Taking inspiration from Braxton's idea, other Twitter users tried gifting their partners with an empty box. And the results were hilarious.

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