This man proposed to his girlfriend on the cover of a magazine

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15 February 2016

Romantic hearts are all aflutter at the way in which James Greig asked for the hand of his lady love, Katie Moore.

Romantic hearts are all aflutter at the way in which James Greig proposed to his girlfriend, Katie Moore.

Their love story sounds like something from the screenplay of a movie ready to be filmed. He, the charming Englishman, and she, the attractive New York blonde.

Katie and James met a few years ago at a party. James fell in love immediately.

“I knew it was her,” he says.

He began to dream dreams of having dinner with Katie in New York, followed by the hope they’d be happy together for ever.

A little more than a year ago James’ dream of having dinner with Katie came true.

But he had to return to London the next day. Katie had her doubts about a long-distance relationship. Would their love survive the 5 600 km separating the lovebirds?

Six weeks later James flew to New York again to be with her – this time for a proper visit.

“We laughed nonstop for three days,” Katie says.

After endless tears had been shed during the repeated farewells at the airport, Katie decided in 2014 that New York was just another place.

She packed her bags and flew to London, where she moved in with the man of her dreams after a whirlwind of emotions and a relationship during which they spent only three weeks in each other’s company.

On Valentine’s Day 2016 James swept Katie’s feet from beneath her – and enchanted everyone who still believes in fairytales. He made is wish to marry Katie clear for all to see on the cover of The Observer magazine in London.

Initially Katie thought the proposal had appeared on only one magazine and she was stunned when she realised that every The Observer magazine dated 14 February 2016 featured James’ marriage proposal on the cover.

Her response?



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