This man woke up with sunglasses tattooed on his face after bachelor party

By Samantha Luiz
03 November 2015

This middle-aged man was in for a nasty surprise when he woke from a drunken bachelor party.

In what sounds like a scene from The Hangover movie, he woke up to find a badly-drawn pair of sunglasses on his face. Thinking it was etched using a permanent marker, he tried to wash it off to no avail. It was then that the man, who had no memory of the previous night's shenanigans, realized that the drawing accompanied by the words 'RAYBAN' on his temple were in fact a permanent tattoo.
'I kind of got used to the tattoo'

"When I first came home, obviously I was subject to a lot of stares, but I kind of got used to the tattoo and decided not to get rid of it," said the man who preferred to remain unnamed.

It was only after he was mocked by a stranger at a bar that he decided to get the tattoo removed in a six-treatment process that has lasted two years.

"I really started to think about what my family and friends thought. I didn't want them to be embarrassed when they were out with me, so I decided there and then I was going to get it removed."

The tattoo removal process has left him with turquoise markings around his eyes but those are expected to fade with time.

Donnalee Alford, the owner of the tattoo-removal clinic, described his tattoo as one of the worst tattoo mistakes she ever encountered.


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