This map will show you the hijacking hotspots in Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban

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23 November 2016

You need to be vigilant on the roads across SA – but particularly so on these routes.

Arrive Alive and the National Hijack Prevention Academy has put together a map of hijacking high-risk areas in the country's major cities. Scroll down for a list.


Kelvin Street, CR Swart

  • The corner of Kelvin Street and CR Swart.

Pretoria Road , CR Swart

  • The corner of Pretoria Road and CR Swart.

Elgin Road, Pretoria Road

  • The corner of Elgin Road and Pretoria Road.

Linksfield Road, N3

  • Linksfield Road off-ramp off the N3.

Booysens Road, M1

  • Booysens Road off-ramp off the M1.

Nelson Mandela Bridge

  • The Nelson Mandela Bridge, be alert.

Wolmarans, Claim, Nugget

  • Wolmarans between Claim and Nugget.

Harrow, Saratoga

  • The corner of Harrow and Saratoga.

Harrow, Abel

  • The corner of Harrow and Abel.

Houghton Drive, M1

  • The Houghton Drive off-ramp off the M1.

Jan Smuts Avenue, St Andrews

  • The corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and St Andrews.

17th Street, Krause Street, Pageview

  • The corner of 17th Street and Krause Street in Pageview.

Heidelberg Road, N17

  • The Heidelberg Road off-ramp off the N17.

Kyalami Drive

  • Traffic lights on Kyalami Drive.

Beyers Naude, N1

  • The Beyers Naude off-ramp off the N1 highway.

Sunninghill, N1, Rivonia

  • Rivonia off-ramp off the N1 highway in Sunninghill.

Midrand, Clayville

  • Midrand road near Clayville Residents.

Grayston, Rivonia, 11th Street.

  • The intersection of Grayston and Rivonia and the intersection of Grayston and 11th Street.

11th Avenue, Empire Road

  • 11th Avenue and Empire Road off-ramps.

Jan Smuts Avenue, William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park

  • The Jan Smuts Avenue/ William Nicol Drive split in Hyde Park.

Witkoppen Road

  • Intersections on Witkoppen Road.

Bramley Precinct, Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro, Kew

  • Bramley Precinct, areas such as Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro and Kew.

Yeoville Precinct, Yeoville, Bellevue, Bellevue East

  • Yeoville Precinct, areas such as Yeoville,Bellevue and Bellevue East.

Norwood Precinct, Orange Grove, Highlands

  • The Norwood Precinct, areas such as Orange Grove and Highlands.

Sandringham Precinct, Glenhazel, Lombardy East, Sandringham

  • The Sandringham Precinct, areas such as Glenhazel, Lombardy East and Sandringham.

Parkview Precinct, 11th avenue, 7th Avenue

  • The Parkview Precinct, areas between the 10th and 11th avenue and 4th and 7th Avenue in Parkhurst.

Hillbrow Precinct, Upper Houghton, Killarney

  • The Hillbrow Precinct, areas such as Upper Houghton and Killarney.

Rosebank Precinct, Saxonwold, Parkwood

  • The Rosebank Precinct, areas such as Saxonwold and Parkwood.

Christiaan de Wet, Wilgerood road, Roodepoort

  • The intersection between Christiaan de Wet and Wilgerood road in Roodepoort.

Louis Botha Avenue, M11, Hillbrow, Alexandra

  • Louis Botha Avenue, the M11. Be aware at the traffic lights, especially between Hillbrow and Alexandra.

Riviera, M1

  • Riviera off-ramp coming off the M1.

Fairland Ex. 6, 11th Avenue, Fairland

  • 11th Avenue in Fairland, near Fairland Ex. 6.

Alexandra, 1st Avenue, Pretoria Main road

  • The corner of Pretoria Main road and 1st Avenue in Alexandra.

New road, N1, robots

  • New road off-ramp coming off the N1, be aware at the robots.

William Nichol, N1 highway

  • William Nichol off-ramp coming off the N1 highway.


Beyers Naude Drive, Paul Kruger Street

  • Beyers Naude Drive and Paul Kruger Street.

R55, Erasmia

  • The R55 in Erasmia.

Burnett Street, Delfi Avenue, Garsfontein Road

  • Be alert on the following streets, Burnett Street, Delfi Avenue and Garsfontein Road.


  • Be aware at robots on Stormvoel.

Watermeyer Street

  • Be aware at robots on Watermeyer Street.

Nelson Mandela Drive

  • Be alert at robots on Nelson Mandela Drive.

Lynwood Road, Simon Vermooten

  • The crossing at Lynwood Road and Simon Vermooten.

Lynwood Road, Hans Strijdom

  • The crossing at Lynwood Road and Hans Strijdom.

Walker Street

  • Be alert at robots on Walker Street.

Duncan Street

  • Be alert at robots on Duncan Street.

University Road , Lynwood Road

  • The corner of University Road and Lynwood Road.

Rigel Avenue, N1

  • The Rigel Avenue off-ramp from off the N1.

Simon Vermooten Road, Pretoria Street

  • The Simon Vermooten Road crossing with Pretoria Street.

Simon Vermooten Road, Farrow Street

  • The Simon Vermooten Road crossing with Farrow Street.

Simon Vermooten Road , Lynwood Road

  • The Simon Vermooten Road crossing with Lynwood Road.

Lynwood Road, N1

  • The Lynwood Road on-ramp from the N1.

Hans Strydom, N4

  • The Hans Strydom off-ramp off the N4 highway.

Hans Strijdom, R21

  • The intersection between Hans Strijdom and the R21.

Atterbury, N1

  • The Atterbury off-ramp off the N1.

Pretorius Street

  • Be alert at crossings by Pretorius Street.

Schoeman Street, Duncan

  • The crossing at Schoeman Street and Duncan.

Schoeman Street, Hilda

  • The crossing at Schoeman Street and Hilda.

Schoeman Street, Grosvenor

  • The crossing at Schoeman Street and Grosvenor.

Cape Town

Voortrekker Road, Bellville, Parow

  • Voortrekker Road between Bellville and Parow.

Military Road, Prince George Drive

  • The Corner of Military Road and Prince George Drive.

St Stephens Road

  • Be alert when driving along St Stephens Road.

Alice Street, Voortrekker Road

  • Be alert when driving along Alice Street, especially near Voortrekker Road.

Station Road

  • Be alert when travelling along Station Road.

Klipfontein Road

  • Be alert when travelling along Klipfontein Road.

Prestwich Road, Ebenhezer

  • The corner of Prestwich Road and Ebenhezer.

Vangaurd Drive

  • Be alert when travelling along Vangaurd Drive.

R300, N1

  • Be aware when travelling on the R300 under the bridges towards the N1 highway.


Alpine Road

  • Be aware along Alpine Road.

West Street

  • Be aware of crossings on West Street.

Warwick Avenue , Smith Street

  • The corner of Warwick Avenue and Smith Street.

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