This mom found a snake in a seriously creepy place!

By Pam Magwaza
30 May 2017

Watch a video of the family try to remove the snake.

Most people are scared of snakes. So imagine coming across one of these slithery reptiles in the most unexpected of places...

Devon Michelle Aucoin had the shock of her life when she found a snake curled up in her baby's car seat!

She wrote on her Facebook that she'd left the baby car seat outside, next to her front door, overnight so that she could install it. The following morning as she was installing it there were some ants on the seat so she decided to take it apart in order to remove all the ants.

As she opened the adjustment base she found a snake snugly curled up behind the seat.

"Thankfully I did because to my surprise there was a SNAKE curled up inside the adjustment base!!!!!!" she wrote on Facebook. "Thank goodness Houston Redmond was able to come back home to save the day. Lesson learned... I will never leave a car seat outside again."

Watch the family try to remove the snake below:

Source: Facebook

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