This mom recreates iconic photos from Oscar-nominated movies with her daughters – and the results are adorable

By Lauren Klaasen
28 February 2017

They've been doing it for seven years!

The 89th Annual Academy Awards got folks talking – probably for all the wrong reasons. But this mom and her adorable kids are putting a different spin on things.

Maggie Storino has come up with a special way to pay tribute to the best of the big screen with the help of Sophia (6), Sadie (4) and one-year-old Sloane.

For seven years the Chicago mom has been recreating iconic stills from the annual Oscar's best picture-nominated films starring her photogenic daughters.

"Sadie, you’re a little worried but not mad. Everyone else, look at the minions I glued to this newspaper," is what Maggie tells her four-year-old and the gang during the reproduction of the Hidden Figures picture, she told Vanity Fair.

In the picture, Sadie stars as Taraji P Henson's character Katherine Johnson, accompanied by 32 kindergarten kids to make the image possible.

The tradition began in 2011 when Sophia was four months old. Now Maggie tells Vanity Fair the little girls “[anticipate] Oscar season like it’s a holiday.”

The family's photoshoot starts as soon as the nominees are announced.

Maggie shares her images on her blog Don’t Call Me Oscar as well as on other social-media platforms, including Instagram and Tumblr.

According to the Daily Mail, Sloane was just eight months old last year when she featured in her first iconic shot as Matt Damon in The Martian, one of the nominees in 2016.

These kids have imitated the likes of Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman and Viola Davis – and do a pretty good job of it. The accuracy and detailed effort put into these captured moments are priceless.

For the seventh year in a row Maggie and her daughters have managed to nail the portraits. Check out the images of this year’s best picture nominees that will make your heart melt.


Hidden Figures


La La Land

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