This mom turns her son's meals into works of art – and they're far too pretty to eat

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26 June 2016

She just wanted her three-year-old to finish his food -- and now she's a famous food artist.

Jacob Mohmedi (3) from Melbourne, Australia is a very happy chappy. His mother, Laleh, prepares his food so that it looks like his favourite characters. It all started quite accidentally when she shared a photo on Facebook of some spelt-pancakes (spelt is a type of wheat) which she’d made to look a lion.

"It looked more like a bear," Laleh admitted to Daily Mail Australia, but "he just loved it."

"I’ve always been a big advocate for healthy and organic food."

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Her creation stirred up quite the fuss, prompting Laleh to start an Instagram account document her creative (and delicious!) new pastime, @jacobs_food_diaries. She's since garenerd quite the following -- over 40 000 followers -- and even started a blog where she shows other moms how to recreate her masterpieces in their own kitchens. It was the cherry on the proverbial cake. In the evenings Jacob would tell his mother which characters he’d like to see the next day and ta-da! His wish would come true. Look at how dashing Pinocchio looks in his spinach shirt, peanut-butter sandwich shirt, strawberry shorts, pear arms and scrambled egg face.

What makes Laleh’s precious artworks even more amazing is that fact that she is an advocate for healthy and organic products. She even makes her own colourant using vegetables or fruit. Read more: Mom left fuming after finding ‘drugs’ in her daughter’s room – but she couldn’t have been more wrong Monsters Inc.’s Mike was brought to life using spinach, pesto pasta and purple carrot cut into letters.
Even Carl from Up! makes an appearance as a spelt burger with sweet potato wedges fried in coconut oil.
Dessert is also going to win everybody’s approval! How does vanilla bean rice pudding with coconut, mango and agar jelly sound? The character is apparently called Gudetama and he’s an egg.

How many owls are in this nest? This meal is a great way to get fussy kids to eat their veggies, Laleh divulges. Read more: Mom leaves baby alone with dad for one night – and it’s a complete disaster "I made a chicken one with owl meatballs. In its sauce is probably about two handfuls of vegetables which I blend." "They would never know."

Mr Potato Head from Toy Story also featured on Laleh's menu. He was made using a potato; letters cut from carrots, pastrami and steamed kale.
Even the superstar Prince was immortalised by the talented Laieh! Potatoes, black rice and yellow beetroot were used to prepare this edible artwork.
But how long is Laleh going to continue spending 20 to 35 minutes on her artistic meals? As long as Jacob enjoys it, says the mom. “He’s so excited for that food art meal, but he eats the other ones anyway,” says Laleh. Here are some more of her marvellous meals:


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