This mom's brutally honest account about life after 'pushing out a baby' is a must-read

By Nombulelo Manyana
24 March 2017

"Your bum is not falling out. Or it might be. If you have piles. Which you probably do..."

Ever wondered how you really feel after giving birth? Well, this mom got real about what it's like after you, er, "push someone out".

Bekki Pope, who shares her motherhood journey on her Mummy Mumbles Facebook page, posted a list of 20 things to know after giving birth. The mom from Hertfordshire, England, had welcomed a son and decided to share her honest and funny take on how she felt days after.

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In her list Bekki talks about the “after pains” , the “first wee” as well as some hilarious advice for the “first poo".

"Don't panic, you aren't having another baby. It just feels that way,” she wrote. "Your bum isn't falling out. Or it might be. If you have piles. Which you probably do . . ."

She goes on to say that your baby might look a bit weird at first but not to worry – people will be nice about it anyhow!

But you know the truth, "It looks like a hairless slightly purple old grandad with dried blood and skin stuck to its wrinkly face.

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"It doesn't actually hate you. It might seem like it never cries when anyone else holds it or that it enjoys keeping you up all night but really, it's so dependent on you it's embarrassing," she wrote.

The tongue-in-cheek post has been shared more than 94 000 times, with plenty of moms also adding their two cents to the conversation.

The piece also inspired other mommies to give advice.

After garnering the massive response, Bekki told The Huffington Post that she posted her list because when she was pregnant no one shared all the gory details about giving birth.

“They all said it was the most amazing thing ever and that it would change your life. And of course they were right.

“But after experiencing it, there was so much nobody had warned me about and I felt I owed it to all moms to give an honest account of how a big body pushes a little body out.”

Her most important advice: “Stop worrying. You’re not superwoman, there's no such thing as normal and there's no such thing as perfect. You are your baby’s normal. You are your baby’s perfect.”

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