This new mom learned she had a boy instead of a girl - and her face says it all

By Samantha Luiz
03 June 2016

When you realize you've got a year's supply of pink booties.

Australian couple Koto Nakamura and Sina Niakansafy were happy when they were told they were having a baby girl.

Excited, the parents-to-be started preparing to welcome the new bundle of joy. They even chose a name for their baby girl: Hinata.

Everything was all pretty in pink till the day of the delivery when she learned she was having a boy instead. And her reaction is spectacular.

A photo posted by @ittybittyphotographytas on

"The priceless look on a mamas face who was told she was having a baby girl but received a baby boy!!" reads the photo's caption on Instagram.

The photo, shared by the couple's photographer Jessica Jackson, has since gone viral.

“I thought everyone was joking,” Koto told TODAY Parents.

“I lost words and I couldn’t believe it until I saw his bottom.”

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Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. After the initial shock, the parents embraced their new son. “I was shocked for a few seconds, and then it didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy,” said Koto, adding that they named him Taiga which means “big and gracious” in Japanese.

A photo posted by @ittybittyphotographytas on


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