This obsessed fan is now DATING her celebrity crush

By Kirstin Buick
20 January 2016

There's hope for Directioners and Beliebers everywhere.

Danielle Ceasar has become a beacon of hope to fangirls everywhere after she started dating her superstar crush, actor Jake T. Austin. And the 21-year-old actor, best known for his role as Max on the Disney Channel show The Wizards of Waverly Place, is clearly smitten with Danielle. He posted a super-soppy picture of the two of them kissing on Instagram with the caption "I'm crazy for her."

I'm crazy for her.

A photo posted by Jake T. Austin (@jaketaustin) on

Their love story certainly didn't have a glamorous beginning. Danielle started tweeting the actor years ago, CapitalFM reports, writing: "You're amazing; sorry just thought you should know that :)"

Her obsession with the A-lister only escalated from there. "Me & @jaketaustin are getting married," she tweeted in 2010. "Shh =x he just doesn't know it yet ;). Yes I know I'm a freak :D"

She also flooded his feed with gems like, "Is it bad that I wanna kiss you right now? ughh you're so freaking hot" and eventually, "I'm gonna deff try & meet youu this summer!!"

And meet him she did – which may well have been her lucky break. She managed to get a photo with Jake in 2011 at Planet Hollywood in New York.

Clearly she made an impression. Soon after, the teen heartthrob started following her on Twitter. And the rest is history!

“We’re young and having fun just getting to know each other,” Jake told People after news of his unconventional love story broke.

“It doesn’t matter how you meet someone – on set, in a coffee shop, at school or in the business. Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click.”

Jake's post sent Instagram-trawling fangirls the world over into a frenzy. "all i can say is that she is goals she went from super fangirl to girlfreind in 5 years congrats to you girl! you are my inspiration hahaha [sic]," while another added  "@harrystyles can this be us pls [sic]."


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