This personal trainer packed on 31kg to show his client how to lose weight

By Samantha Luiz
20 February 2016

Personal trainer Adonis Hill is making headlines after he gained over 30kg so he could lose weight with his client, Alissa.

The 35-year-old trainer from Brooklyn, New York was inspired by Fit to Fat to Fit, a TV show that sees trainers “gain weight so they can lose it alongside the clients they’re working with.” To gain weight, Adonis indulged in a lot of junk food including doughnuts for breakfast and and McDonald’s for supper every night. When his weight gain slowed down after packing on 22kg, he resorted to drinking a 6-pack of cooldrink every day.

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Adonis, who had originally planned to gain the weight in four months, had to stop three weeks early after his doctors warned him about his dangerously high blood pressure.
Dropping the kilos proved to be harder than the personal trainer had anticipated.

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Along with his client, he started working out again. His workout plan consisted of an hour of weights combined with an hour of cardio five to six days a week. His diet was also high-fat, high protein and low-carb. “I was putting in a lot of work in the gym but eating right was hard this time because I was coming off an old addiction… I had to wean myself off unhealthy food.” After four months of hard work and commitment, Adonis lost 25,8 kg while his client lost 26,3 kg.
Incredibly, this was not the first time the personal trainer underwent a dramatic weight gain and loss. When he was about 27 years old, his business failed, causing him to become depressed.
“That’s when the weight packed on. My dreams and everything I hoped for were gone,” he revealed in a recent interview. It was with the support and motivation of a friend that Adonis managed to lose 45kg, inspiring him to become a personal trainer.


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