This photographer takes photos of his clients 'with Jesus'

By Pam Magwaza
10 June 2017

How much would you pay to be photographed with 'Jesus' Himself?

A photographer from Utah in the US claims he can give his clients this exact as experience. 

Kelsy Barrett, who owns the photography company The Lightweave specialises in Christian family and children photography.

On his website, he says his aim is to create art.

"The Lightweave family started their photography art venture in early 2014. They specialise in Christian and children photography art -- with the intent of creating a picture that is more than just a photo... it's a piece of art."

A client can, for example, request a photoshoot with "Jesus" and the photographer will have a man who "resembles" Jesus to be part of their shoot to make it look as if the Messiah is right there next to them in the pictures.

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