This ring will let you feel your partner's heartbeat in real time

By Litaletu Zidepa
16 August 2016

Super romantic... or seriously creepy?

If you're doing long distance (or can't stand being without your loved one for a couple of hours), this could be the perfect wedding band for you. Maintaining a distance romance with minimal physical contact can be hard for many couples, but tech company called TheTouch has come up with a nifty tool that might help -- a ring that will allow you to feel and see your beloved's heartbeat in real time.

It was inspired by the belief of Vena amoris, writes TheTouch website, which is Latin for "vein of love". Vena amoris is the term given to the traditional belief that this vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart.

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According to their site, the user "simply has to tap the ring to connect and they’re able to feel another person pulse in real life." The 3.9 mm thick, 12.1 mm wide ring uses an app, Bluetooth and your cellphone's internet connection to transmit the heartbeat.
The unique jewellery piece, which comes in jet black or rose gold, is made out of stainless steel and protective crystal sapphire that prevents scratches and other damage.

The rings are available for pre-order on TheTouch website.

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