This school ditched detention in favour of meditation – and they're having some surprising results

By Litaletu Zidepa
27 September 2016

They haven't had to suspend a single pupil since.

A peaceful, brightly-lit room where learners are encouraged to breathe deeply and relax -- doesn't sound like much of a punishment for unruly kids, does it?

But this is exactly what the Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore in the US is doing to "punish" misbehaving kids.

Specifically, they've replaced their detention room with the Mindful Moment Room -- and it seems to be working!

The "oasis of calm", Upworthy reports, gives kids a safe space to practise breathing techniques and meditation.

The inward-looking strategy was implemented in 2015 and has had some great results for the primary school – they've not had to suspended a single school pupil since then.

The staff and their kids were aided by non-profit organisation Holistic Life Foundation in their groundbreaking approach.

"It's amazing," said Kirk Philips, the Holistic Me coordinator at Robert W. Coleman.

"You wouldn't think that little kids would meditate in silence. And they do."

“It was beautiful, we were all smiling at each other watching them.”

The organisation – and others like them, such as the Mindfulness in Schools Project and Mindful Schools – are setting up similar programmes across the states, Metro reports.

According to VIBE, the programme also aims to teach kids about the environment, evening helping them grow their own vegetable patches at school.

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