This school will teach you how to be a mermaid

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18 July 2016

Mermaids are real. Sort of.

Movies such as Disney’s The Little Mermaid have enchanted young girls for years, and who could possibly forget Darryl Hannah’s performance in the 1984 film, Splash?

If you’re one of those people who find mermaids magical, you’ll be happy to hear there are now several mermaid schools worldwide where you can learn how to swim like a true marine creature as well as how to take on a mermaid personality.

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Read more: People are going crazy for this 3-year-old’s recording of The Little Mermaid These schools offer informal training sessions for interested parties as well as more specialised training for professional mermaids, such as those who entertain children, act on stage or work in aquariums.
But mastering becoming a mermaid is not plain sailing and Claire de Louraille, a journalist on American website BuzzFeed who tried a school in Los Angeles, wrote: “being a mermaid is difficult!”

Mermaid transformation, COMPLETE

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Skills she had to master included swimming with a tail, how to put it on herself, how to look elegant sitting on a rock or posing at the side of a pool and how to make a mermaid top from shells. Read more: Little boy picks up mermaid doll at a toy shop – and his dad has the best reaction At one of Singapore’s foremost mermaid schools, beginner mermaids also learn more about the culture and history of mermaids and can even achieve different levels of mermaid expertise such as gold, bronze and silver. Countries such as France, England, the Philippines, and Canada now all have mermaid schools, and there are even mermaid fitness classes where you can get fit with the help of a mermaid tail.

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The schools supply you with a tail that looks like the real McCoy. Some of them you simply slip over your feet and others are part of a longer costume which comes up to your waist. Mermaid tails are apparently the height of fashion worldwide, including in South Africa.

“We get a lot of requests in summer especially, but people buy them for their kids even in winter,” says Jane Brits of Magical Mermaids, a local company that manufactures and distributes mermaid tails. “We don’t recommend that children younger than five or six swim with the tails because it takes a bit of skill to swim with them.”

She adds that unfortunately South Africa doesn’t have a mermaid school yet, but there is enough nationwide enthusiasm for one.

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