This small town’s drinking water turned bright pink overnight!

By Mieke Vlok
08 March 2017

Residents of the small town of Onoway in Alberta, Canada got the shock of their lives on Thursday morning when they opened their taps to see shocking pink drinking water.

Residents of the small town of Onoway in Alberta, Canada, were in for a shock on Thursday morning when they opened their taps – the water had turned bright pink.

The water was apparently in their toilet bowls, coming out of their taps and there were fears that the strange-looking fluid could be toxic and make people sick. Certain residents apparently started realising that their drinking water was a shade of pink on Monday afternoon already. By Tuesday many households had bright pink drinking water.

But there was no reason for residents to be alarmed as the cause of the colourful water was a non-toxic agent which local authorities had used to purify the water. The substance, called potassium permanganate, had turned the water pink. It had leaked from a water purification unit into a reservoir containing the town's drinking water.

Authorities issued an apology for the incident and explained the cause, but the town’s mayor acknowledged that the situation could have been handled better.

“I offer a sincere apology that we didn’t get something out there, at least to say: ‘Your water is pink’,” Onoway mayor Dale Krasnow said, adding that they didn't want to issue an official statement until they had all of the facts.

By late Tuesday afternoon the water colour had begun to improve and was only a light shade of pink.

Sources: Twitter, CTV News Edmonton, BuzzFeed.

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