This super-curvy lingerie model is all kinds of sexy

By Kirstin Buick
25 January 2016

Finally – a "curvy" lingerie model who actually has curves!

US underwear brand Aerie has just teased a new campaign starring Barbara Ferreira, a drop-dead gorgeous 19-year-old who is unashamedly proud of her voluptuous figure.

A photo posted by barbie ferreira not nox (@barbienox) on

The American Eagle brand shared a video called Real talk with Barbie, in which she declared, "What makes me #aeriereal is that I'm unapologetically myself, no matter what anyone's opinion of me is."

"Not being retouched in the images is very important to me -- people knowing that that's what I look like, without anyone's perception of what my body needs to look like."

In the sun-soaked video, Barbie strips down to her hot pink bikini and saunters over to a pool.

"The world needs more women who are so strong... women who are just doing it for themselves. That's the most powerful thing in the world and that inspires me."

Barbie's the perfect choice for Aerie's new campaign, considering their previous less-than-stellar attempt at featuring "real" women. In 2014, the company promised that they would no longer be retouching photographs, which they seemed to honour. However, they stuck to using super-slim models, which kind of negated the retouching anyway.

But using loud-and-proud Barbie as a spokesmodel seems to signal a real commitment to the "body positivity" movement.

Last year, Barbie shut down Twitter haters who criticised her latest campaign in an epic flurry of tweets.

"i dont pay attention to internet hate but what rly [really] rustles my jimmies is when a girl will tag her friend n say i remind them of her and then she'll get offended like 'ew am i that fat'," the social media star ranted.

"im like b***h take several seats!!! You're commenting on a pic from an international magazine. You wish you were this 'FAT'."

More images from Aerie's campaign with Barbie are set to be released soon.

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