This teacher dealt with a 'troubled' kid in a very unconventional way – and it actually worked

By Almari Wessels
12 March 2017

“I know that you’re clever. I know that you’re a good boy.”

A kind word of reinforcement is how you reach the core of a so-called troubled child.

This is the message Chen Miller, an Israeli teacher, conveys in a touching YouTube video where she details how she softened the heart of a young boy who has screaming and swearing when he first started taking her lessons.

He insisted that no-one, including his parents and other teachers, believed that he was a sweet, kind boy, but Chen persisted.

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Week after week, she would repeat this phrase to him: “I know you have a big heart. I know that you’re clever. I know that you’re a good boy.”

The boy eventually warmed up to his kind-hearted teacher and she wants to spread her touching message of hope to kids, parents and teachers across the world: "There is no child that can’t, only a child that can.

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"Remember always that education is the forming of impressions on souls."

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