This teen went off to university - but her dog still waits for her to come home every day

By Litaletu Zidepa
04 December 2016

Why are we crying?

When Carly Dunn had to move from home to University, she had to say goodbye to one special friend - her precious dog Bo.

The Georgia State University freshman told Buzzfeed that it was “so sad” to leave her good friend, as Bo is no fan to saying goodbyes.

carly 1

“Every time I leave the house, he always looks at me so sad and just gives me this face like I’m literally giving him for adoption,” Dunn told BuzzFeed News.

“Sometimes … I’ll just have to take him with me because I feel so bad.”

It turns out Bo hasn’t forgotten Carly. The pup still looks outside the window at her old school bus, hoping for his friend to come home.

carly 3

On Tuesday, her father sent her a picture showing her pal looking outside the window, hopelessly waiting for Carly.

“I was so sad!” she said. “I texted back and I was like, ‘Aww, Bo!’”

Bo used to eagerly wait for Carly every day to come back home after school, so he can greet her at the door. The 18-year-old decided to share the picture on Twitter and it was instantly picket up by the We Rate Dogs Twitter account.

carly 2
The sad post was shared on their page and got over 16 000 retweets with many users pouring their hearts out.

Bo was rated 13/ 10 for being a good dog.

Carly said when she came home, Bo couldn’t contain he’s excitement.

“He sprinted over to me and kept jumping all over me and letting me pet him,” she added.

“If I stopped petting him, he’d try and get as close as he possibly could to me.”


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