This teen’s in the running for the world's longest tongue

By admin
12 May 2015

Adrianne Lewis (18) of Twin Lakes, Michigan in the US believes firmly believes she has the longest tongue in the world.

Just like a reptile this teen boasts a speech muscle that measures 10,16 cm.

Her tongue is so long she can easily lick her own nose and chin and even her elbow and eye.

Pictures of Adrianne’s impressive tongue recently went viral on social networks, forcing the famous Guinness World Records to investigate if Adrianne’s claim to have the longest tongue is true.

PHOTO: Amber Lewis, Twitter PHOTO: Amber Lewis, Twitter

According to the record keepers, American Nick Stoeberl has the world’s longest tongue. His measures 10,1 cm. Should Guinness find Adrianne’s measurements are correct she would be the new record holder.

Adrianne says she’s been overwhelmed by all the attention her tongue has received in the media. The 18-year-old says she’s been saddened by the ugly internet comments videos of her tongue has attracted.

Earlier she wrote on her Twitter account, @LongTongLewis: "I feel bad for celebrities who are in the spotlight everyday. They get so much crap from people, and it's not fair."

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