This video of the Queen telling Prince William off is absolutely delightful

By Kirstin Buick
18 June 2016

"Yes, Granny."

Even the Duke of Cambridge gets a royal ticking off every now and then.

During the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations last weekend, Prince William found himself of the wrong side of a rather grumpy birthday girl on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Read more: A life in the spotlight: 35 exquisite photos of Queen Elizabeth II The royal family -- including William's wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, son Prince George and daughter Princess Charlotte (who was making her balcony debut) -- had gathered on the balcony of the Queen's lavish London seat to perform the customary wave to the adoring crowds that had gathered below. Being the doting dad that he is, William knelt down to check on two-year-old George, disappearing below the balustrade.

But his elderly grandmother, who was dressed in an alarming neon green colour, was having none of it.

In a hilariously normal family moment caught on camera, Queen Elizabeth looks rather irritated as she taps William on the shoulder and gestures for him to stand up straight.

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Surprised, the second-in-line to the throne does as he's told, looking rather sheepish as he rises.

The best part? It looks as though Prince George face palms after taking in the whole situation.

Actually, he was probably just covering his eyes to watch the Royal Air Force flyover.

The royal tyke couldn't possibly be that cheeky. Could he?

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