This video of travellers doing a 'rain dance' on the R47 is going viral – for all the right reasons

06 January 2017

“They just sokkied (danced) in the rain... So South African. So cool!”

Much needed rain caused chaos on the country’s road in the past few days. Holiday traffic was flowing fairly smoothly on Tuesday, but the rain definitely challenged motorists’ driving skills.

Plenty of travellers would be ready to tear their hair out in these conditions -- but not these youngsters.

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Sean Badenhorst from Johannesburg, former editor of Bicycling Magazine South Africa, shared a video on social media in which people can be seen dancing in die rain on the R47 leading from Harrismith in the Free State while they wait for a traffic jam to be resolved.

The video, posted on Sean’s Facebook page, shows how two trucks that were on their way up the pass were blocking the road so that traffic started piling up.

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Sean wrote next to the video, “Sokkie in die pad! At the bottom of Oliviershoek Pass, we came across two truck drivers on their way up that had somehow blocked the road completely. The youngsters ahead of us didn't get irate, they just sokkied (danced) in the rain... So South African. So cool!”

“Motorists don’t tend to adjust their speed when they’re driving on wet road,” says Advocate J.W. Jonck, who manages the Arrive Alive website.

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