This viral video of a man chopping a tomato in reverse is strangely soothing

By Samantha Luiz
18 March 2016

What, even?

We can't stop watching this video of a man chopping a tomato in reverse.

That's right, in reverse.

In the simple yet fascinating video, Lithuanian videographer Linas Lakavicius is seen "unchopping" a tomato.

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The video is unexpectedly therapeutic because the combination of the image and the sound is designed to produce what is known as an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) or "brain orgasm".

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Apparently watching some perform a repetitive task is one of the triggers of ASMR, leaving you extremely relaxed.

"I should be studying for midterms but instead i find myself watching a guy cut tomatoes in reverse..." commented one user in the post that's been viewed more than 370 000 times.

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"Relaxing. This reminds me that I need to meditate more. I think too much. My head just yabbers nonsense," reflected another commentator.

Watch the intriguing video below:


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