This water-loving cat and her human are sailing around the world

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27 April 2016

Adventurous Amelia and her human Liz Clark are sailors, travelling the world together on Liz's boat.

What a life!

If Liz's incredible Instagram photos are anything to go by, the intrepid cat seems to be having the time of her nine lives.

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According to Buzzfeed, Liz, who is originally from San Deigo in the US, spent nearly two years fixing up a 12 m long boat called Swell. She first set sail from California in 2005 -- with little Amelia, who she had found and adopted when she was just six months old, as her first mate.

#tbt kitty first mate scans the horizon, taking in the fresh sea breeze... #AmeliatheTropicat

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Since then Liz has travelled more than 18 000 nautical miles, along the western coast of Mexico and Central America, as well as to the South Pacific.

at least we agree on office decor...#tropicat #bookediting #almostfinished!! @patagoniabooks @patagonia_surf

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“I sleep on a pool mat under the stars,” the skipper says of life on the high seas. “But I feel rich when I look up at that night sky and breath the fresh ocean air and leap into the sea each morning.”
When on shore, the intrepid duo love exploring foreign terrain and making new friends.
But Liz says Amelia, who is also called "Tropicat", is especially fond of one thing -- fishing.
“On calm nights, she fishes off of a soft top surfboard attached to the side of Swell with a small light that attracts fish,” Liz says of her feline first mate.
“She has adapted to living surrounded by water."
“She has to go out of a cat comfort zone often. But I think she now understands that I will keep her safe and she will have a lot of fun in the end. She makes Swell feel much more like a home.”

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