This website claims to be able to predict when you'll die – and what's going to kill you

By Kirstin Buick
16 May 2016

Do you want to know when you're most likely to die? Statistically speaking, that is.

A website designed by statistician Nathan Yau claims to be able to predict when and how you're most likely to die according to your current age, race and sex.

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The site functions as an interactive flowchart, using data from the Underlying Cause of Death database by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US.

All you have to do is input your details, and the algorithms behind the surprisingly colourful site will crunch the numbers for you.

Starting at your current age, the fast-moving chart simulates probabilities for each form of death (including infection, cancer, endocrine [hormonal] diseases such as diabetes and mental and behaviour disorders)  – and how many of your contemporaries remain alive, until it reaches zero.

"Each dot represents one of your simulated lives, and as each year passes, more of your simulated selves pass away," Yau explains.

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"Color corresponds to cause of death, and the bars on the right keep track of the cumulative percentages. By the end, you’re left with the chances that you will die of each cause."

Of course, Yau's data is based on US stats -- but it's still interesting to look at!

See it here

Sources:, Metro, The Sun

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