This wedding photographer turns couples into adorably tiny miniatures

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13 July 2016

"We wanted a small wedding..."

Wedding snaps are always gorgeous. But when Ekkachai Saelow takes them, he makes them truly special.

The bridegrooms are still charming and the wedding dresses are still beautiful but it’s what the Thai photographer does with his subjects that takes your breath away.


Thanks to Ekkachai’s creative touch he manages to change the everyday into the impossible – with the cooperation of the couples, for course.

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According to Bored Panda the name of his photography business, ?????????, literally means “small person”.


Ekkachai carefully plans the pics before shooting, after which he cuts the couples out of the original photos and places them in a miniature environment, Peta Pixel reports.


The technique he uses is known as tilt-shift photography, in which only part of the photo is in focus, to create the realistic-looking images.


Ekkachai shared these photos on his Facebook page to show how he creates his miniature masterpieces and followers can't get enough -- he has over 180 000 fans.

So, you were thinking of a "small" wedding..?

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Sources: Bored Panda, Metro, Yahoo

Photos via Facebook

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