This woman creates exquisite mini-wedding cakes – and they last FOREVER

By Kim Abrahams
04 June 2017

Woe betide you if you attempt to eat one of these delectable-looking creations!

You spend months planning your wedding and finally, the day arrives – but what took weeks to plan is over in a flash and often all you’re left with are pictures and memories of your big day.

One 'baker' is ensuring you have more than just sweet recollections of your special day: she creates mini replicas of wedding cakes and has every detail down to the tee.

Mother-of-three Anne, from Virginia, heads a business called Earthly Grace, where she creates the cutest little duplications of original wedding cakes – and we swear they look yummy enough to eat!

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Unfortunately, they’re not edible. Anne creates the little pieces of perfection with chalk pastels, acrylic paint, silver leaf and jewellery wire.

“All ornaments will stand independently so that you can also display your treasure on a shelf,” she tells Metro, adding that each cake is typically 7 – 10 cm high.

While you might not be able to tuck into a slice, you’re more than welcome to feast your eyes on her creations:


Hello Everyone! Happy morning and I'm back from my social media vacation. Whoa, April was quite a month for me. My middle daughter got her own room this past month and if you are a middle child you know how important it is to have something that was only hers. The pressure I put on myself to make it perfect was quite intense and being a tru DIY girl I had to make everything myself. Oh the things we do for our children. Painting walls, sewing curtains and building a book shelf as well as a head board were my projects this past month. Oh yes, I had mini cakes to work on too and planned that I wouldn't have as much time to work on mini cakes. What I didn't plan on was my Pasta machine died and I lost two week of sculpting time. For me a perfect storm of overwhelm, most of which I put on myself. I decided to take some time away from social media. To start back I had to share the side by side comparison of this mini from my last video. Have a happy Thursday. A post shared by Earthly Grace (@earthly.grace.treasures) on

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes! I am obsessed with the cake on the top of this tower. Happy Sunday everyone!

A post shared by Earthly Grace (@earthly.grace.treasures) on


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