This woman doesn't look a day over 21 – but you'd never guess her age

By Kim Abrahams
01 July 2017

Don’t let looks fool you: She's old enough to be the mother of a university student.

When it comes to drinking from the fountain of youth, this woman seems to be gulping its contents by the gallons.

Meet Lure Hsu, an interior designer from Taiwan who looks like a teenager a lot of the time.

But don’t let looks fool you: Lure is old enough to be the mother of a teen!


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The 41-year-old rose to fame after appearing on an entertainment show back in 2015.

Her youthful appearance shocked viewers so much her number of Instagram followers instantly shot up and turned her into an online sensation.

So what’s the secret to her anti-ageing success?

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"Sunned skin is drier and makes small spots and small fine lines easier to appear,” she says.

That’s not all (and coffee-lovers are probably going to love this one!)

She credits cups of black coffee and a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables as fundamental in obtaining her youthful glow – and obviously she avoids junk food like the plague.


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A life of endless amazement at your good looks in exchange for never eating that burger and chips again?

We’re on the fence about this one.


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