This woman fell in love with a man she'd never met on Twitter – and now they're married!

By Litaletu Zidepa
22 July 2016

If you love good old-fashioned fairytales, you’re in for a treat with this love story.

But it has a modern twist -- this happily-ever-after started out on Twitter. The whirlwind began in 2012 when Victoria Carlin replied to a tweet about Pokémon by the Waterstones book shop Twitter page.

Thanks to the London-based store's regular witticisms, the young bookworm have developed a bit of a crush on whoever was manning the account.

“I was on tour performing with a show and the tweets really made me chuckle,” circus performer Victoria told Metro.

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“They were always topical, clever and I just constantly retweeted them," the writer and producer remembers.

“It was genuinely the tone of his tweets which popped into my timeline, I loved how much of a world he had created with the account and how the bookstore reacted to topical stories,” she told MailOnline. Eventually, she followed her heart and tweeted, “Well I'm in love with whoever is manning the Waterstones Oxford Street account. Be still my actual beating heart.”

The man behind the charming account, one Jonathan O’Brien, said Victoria's tweets were nothing new.

"I used to get a fair few marriage proposals or declarations of love and, treating the entire thing weirdly professionally for a man in his mid-20s getting propositioned regularly, I used to have a series of stock responses – 'Sorry, I am already married to the books' – that sort of thing," he told PEOPLE.

But Victoria kept up her Twitter flirting -- and when Jonathan one day tweeted that he was craving donuts. She took action.

"I had a spare few hours, I knew where the donut store was, so I grabbed a box and stormed to the bookstore," she says.

She delivered the gift to the bookstore -- and then basically ran away!

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"At first I thought it was a little odd, but then I realised I had doughnuts which went a long way to alleviating my worries. This goes against everything I learnt in school about strangers," Jonathan says.

So he asked her out.

The two went to a cocktail bar in London for their first date -- and the rest is history!

The duo tied the knot in a quirky ceremony earlier this month.

“We still can't believe we've ended up married,” said Victoria. "I think I knew pretty early on that this was going somewhere. Everything was so easy, we were both changing our careers and we were so supportive of each other." True to form, Victoria decided to share the delightful news with her Twitter followers with a well-known line from Jane Eyre. "Reader, I married him", she captioned a photo from their wedding day accompanied by her original tweet from 2012 declaring her love.

The tweet has been shared and liked 27 000 times with many followers congratulating the newlyweds.

“It’s been very unexpected. It’s very nice seeing so many people being happy for a pair of strangers on the internet,” said Jonathan.

“We’ve been utterly blown away by the response especially as the news has been so horrific recently,” added Victoria.

We hope this has restored our faith in romance for all hopeless romantics out there!

Sources: Metro, MailOnline, Twitter

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