This woman had the perfect response to bullies who shamed her engagement photos

By Samantha Luiz
08 June 2016

Mzznaki Tetteh's engagement photos attracted some vile comments – but the nurse was having none of it.

When Mzznaki Tetteh recently got engaged to Kojo Amoah, she was excited to share the news with her family and friends.

That's it!

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So the nurse from Ghana, and her new fiancé posed for some photos which they went on to share on Instagram. But little she did know that her celebration photos would attract the attention of cyber bullies. In particular, a snap of Kojo lifting up Mzznaki attracted the most "vile" comments on social media.

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"I gotta hand it to him his arms are stronger than my last relationship," taunted one user on Tumblr. Another comment read,"RIP that mans spine,".

He's always got my back...thanks bby

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Unfazed, Mzznaki responded to the trolls in the best way possible. "Still confident," she wrote on Instagram. "Your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness…thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes…am honoured." Read more: This plus-size model had the perfect response to body shamers everywhere

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Read more: This girl was bullied for her prom photos, but the internet was having none of it “To me, I have always been a fan of plus size women and I am so proud of my woman and I don’t care about what anybody says out there," Kojo told GhanaWeb. "In every society there are people who will try to discourage you from things that you seek to do but I am not bothered at all. And I don’t regret posting those pictures on Facebook."

Hey this!

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