This woman is SELLING her positive pregnancy tests online – and making a ton of cash

By Mieke Vlok
22 December 2016

“Whether you are using it for your own amusement or to blackmail the CEO you're having an affair with, I DO NOT CARE AT ALL."

An industrious mom-to-be from Florida in the US selling positive pregnancy tests on the net – and making good money doing it.

The woman, whose name may not be mentioned, wrote online that she’s pregnant and is using the money to pay for her studies.

She sells each positive test for $25 – roughly R349 – and apparently make about $200 or R2793 every day.

“Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank, or to blackmail the ceo of where ever who you are having an affair with I DO NOT CARE AT ALL," she wrote.

"This is an absolutely no questions asked type of deal tell me what you need I provide it for monetary exchange,” she added on the advertisement which appears on online retail page, Craigslist.

The advertisement was apparently removed after a short while, it is unclear why.

A journalist from Action News Jax in the US

“Me being in college working on a bachelor’s and needing all this money to pay for a degree, this was a no-brainer,” she told him.

Sources: Action News Jax, Elite Daily.

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