This woman suddenly woke up from a coma – only to discover she had given birth

By admin
14 April 2015

A pregnant woman who’d been left in a coma after a car accident suddenly woke up on Wednesday only to find out she’d already given birth to a baby boy.

Sharista Giles of Madisonville, Tennessee, was four months pregnant when she and a friend were involved in the a accident in which she sustained serious head injuries. Her recovery is regarded as a miracle because doctors had little hope she’d ever recover.

“The doctors told us there was nothing they could do,” her mom,

Beverly Giles, told ABC News.

“They had already given up all hope. We never gave up hope. She fought so hard.” Their hope was not in vain.

“Sharista’s eyes are open, she can blink and she squeezes our fingers when we ask her to,” family members wrote on a Facebook page they’d opened to document her recovery.

The baby boy is currently being referred to as “Baby L” until Sharista has recovered sufficiently to give him a name herself.


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