This woman sued her ex-boyfriend for taking her virginity – and she won

By Mieke Vlok
16 January 2017

He promised to marry her. And then he dumped her.

A woman has been awarded more than R27 000 after putting in a claim against her ex boyfriend for taking her virginity then ending their relationship.

Nataly Madziwa (19), from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, claimed R100 000 from Joel Moyo (32) for not keeping his promise and marrying her after they’d had sex for the first time, according to the Zimbabwean newspaper, The Chronicle.

The couple had been in a relationship since 2014 and would have spent their lives together but Joel dropped her like a hot potato shortly after they’d slept together for the first time in 2016.

Nataly is now expecting Joel’s child. Her legal team said her chance of finding a husband was now extremely slim because she was no longer a virgin and was pregnant.

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Shortly before their relationship ended she caught him in bed with another woman. It also turns out that Joel was married, the Daily News reports.

“Moyo has taken away my pride as a woman and left me embarrassed and humiliated before my parents, peers and the community,” Nataly said.

Joel says he doubts that the child is his and isn’t sure she was a virgin before he met her.

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