This woman’s child accidentally thew up in a stranger’s R15 000 handbag – should she replace it?

By admin
04 November 2016

The incident has prompted heated debate.

This is a tough one.

A mother was on a long flight with her family when her child started feeling sick.

"We were on a long haul flight and there was a lot of turbulence," the mother explained on UK website Mumsnet under the username ‘incognitoforonenight’.

"DC2 [Dear Child 2, meaning second child] vomited everywhere halfway through flight. We cleared it all up."

But the worst was yet to come. About an hour later, a passenger seated behind the family said to the woman's "dear husband", Hope your son is OK, but he was sick and it’s on my handbag."

"We apologize and she says, 'no, it’s on my handbag, it’s very expensive and you need to get your insurance to pay for it to be repaired / cleaned.'

"It was a Louis Vuitton bag and it’s worth £900 (R15 200)!! We took photos of the bag and there was nothing on it. She said she’d cleaned off what she could after the vomit had pooled down the floor to her bag."

"I said I couldn’t see any damage to the bag at all – and she said it was the smell that was now 'ingrained.'"

Sometime after getting off the plane, the passenger sent the family an email saying that the family had to replace the bag because Louis Vuitton hadn’t been able to get rid of the smell.


Should the family pay for a brand new Louis Vuitton handbag?

The internet is undecided.

One user commented that the family is liable.

"It’s no one’s fault really, but at the end of the day your child has ruined her bag. It just so happens that she has a £900 (R15 200) bag, that’s her choice. Ask yourself if she’d said it was £10 (R169) from Primark, I bet you would have just given her the £10. This is what travel insurance is for."

Another commented, "So she wiped the vomit off but the bag still smells. I can see her point kind of. I would pay for the bag to be cleaned professionally," while another said, "Your kid puked on it, so it’s only fair that you sort it out."

Interestingly, other users placed the blame on the passenger, saying she shouldn’t have "put such an expensive bag on the floor".

"I’d ignore her personally," commented one user.

Another said, "I think more fool her for spending £900 on a handbag."

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