This women's university residence is 'taking a stand' and allowing male students to sleep over

By Charlea Sieberhagen
18 August 2016

The residence said that forbidding the female students from having male guests "perpetuated rape culture, heteronormativity and contributed to patriarchy".

Male students are now permitted to spend the night in one of Stellenbosch University's women's-only residences.

Nemesia announced in a statement on Wednesday that they'll allow male students to stay in the residence for a trial period.

"For many years, male and female residences have had unequal standards in terms of visiting hours and sleepover policies. In light of the current discourse surrounding transformation and inclusivity, Nemesia Ladies' residence has taken a stand to break the unmerited policies," the House committee said.

"The House had recognised that by allowing only females to sleepover and males to visit in restricted hours, we were perpetuating rape culture, heteronormativity and contribution to patriarchy."

As such, the residence will be the first to have a "trial period for men sleeping over". Nemesia's head of house Anja Burger confirmed to YOU. Stellenbosch University has not yet responded to YOU's request for comment.

The trial begins Friday, August 19.

The announcement has received mixed reactions. "Wow!!! I am so proud of Nemesia!!" one woman commented on the house's Facebook page, while another (female) said, "No moral values!!"

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