Thousands sign up for sex lottery

By admin
23 January 2014

Thousands of men and women have signed up for the first ever sex lottery in Britain, organised by online dating website Forget Dinner.

Thousands of men and women have signed up for Britain's first ever 'Sex Lottery'.

Online dating website Forget Dinner have set up the lottery with the prize of an all-expenses-paid night of passion in a hotel suite at the Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton, south east England, up for grabs.

The website's founder, Howard James, said of the competition: "We have been overwhelmed by the interest in the lottery with nearly 11 000 entries so far ... Many more than we ever imagined."

The "ultimate dirty weekend room" features mirrors on the ceiling and its own pole dancing section and could be won by any of Forget Dinner's 210 000 members who choose to take part in the draw.

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