Three ways to survive an OMG moment

By admin
20 October 2014

Get the lowdown on how to recover after an I-wish-the-ground-would-open-up-and-swallow-me-right-now moment.

You get caught gossiping

You’re sharing some gossip about someone when you realise they overheard everything!

Do this: Admit it was wrong and apologise. If it’s not someone you’re close to, apologise and leave it at that. But if it’s someone you care about, you should make an effort to fix the damage.

You’ve done something cringeworthy

Face planting in front of your crush or picking your nose only to find out that the entire class is watching are all cringeworthy moments that seem to last forever.

Do this: Laugh as hard as everyone else – this way you change how everyone will remember what happened.

You get busted by your parents

So you told your parents you were with your best mate but really went out with a guy – and then someone blew your cover in front of mum and dad. Busted!

Do this: Apologise and explain that you understand they must be hurt and disappointed. Give them examples of how you’ll make amends, whether it’s cleaning the house or babysitting your little brother.

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