Three years later and the viral Tinder 'couple' have finally met!

By Kim Abrahams
26 July 2017

And it was heart-warmingly awkward.

They matched on Tinder and spent the three years that followed in an ‘online relationship’ – with only six message exchanges between the two of them. Remember this couple who had the internet up in arms over their unconventional ‘love story’?  

Well, now they’ve met – on national television!

Josh Avsec (22) and Michelle Arendas (21) finally locked eyes, after more than three years, on Good Morning America.

The couple, who are both students at Kent University, was first asked to play a game, in which hosts Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer asked questions that each had to answer individually, to see whether they had anything in common.

Josh and Michelle were a little different in their descriptions of the perfect date, but both dubbed potato chips their go-to snack and admitted they binge watch The Office.

After a hype in anticipation, the moment for the couple to meet arrived. And the audience erupted in applause.

“My butterflies have had butterflies," Josh said of the moments leading up to the big meeting.

Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube

"I have been imploding since I arrived in New York. I just would walk around Times Square because I wanted to keep my mind busy. It’s been the most exciting ball of energy inside of me all week.”

And judging by his shy smile and excited babbling, the 22-year-old was not disappointed. The unofficial couple is off to enjoy a holiday in Hawaii, courtesy of Tinder.



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