Thuli Madonsela's morning routine will make you feel like you're really underachieving

By Marelize Potgieter
03 May 2016

"I usually get up at 3 am..."

We all know it helps to get up early and get that little bit extra done before the day starts in earnest. But wait until you hear how early public protector Thuli Madonsela gets going . . .

“I usually get up at 3 am,” Thuli tells YOU. “If I have an exceptionally tight deadline, maybe 2 am.”

Then she prays for ten minutes and meditates for 20. “I make myself tea – usually mint tea – then read something that gives me spiritual upliftment, wisdom or motivates me.

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"If I believe the message will help others, I share it -- usually a motivational quote -- with my twitter followers.”

Thuli then begins working on a report or sometimes a speech until 5.30, goes through her emails and replies to them when necessary. During this time she will also send her children, and sometimes friends, an inspirational message.

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“I then go for a walk/jog or engage in some indoor exercise for an hour. Thereafter I take a bath and get ready for work.”

And there you have it – South Africa’s guardian angel certainly doesn’t believe in sleeping in . . .

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