Tiger leaps onto boat, snatches man in India

By admin
27 June 2014

Death by tiger is not unheard of in India.

It sounds like a scene from The Life of Pi, one where the tiger Richard Parker turns on his fellow shipmate, Pi.

But this really happened, and someone was fatally injured.

An Indian fisherman says a tiger has snatched his father off a fishing boat and dragged him away into a mangrove swamp.

Jyotish Majhi says he was fishing for crabs with his father and sister Thursday when the tiger leaped onto their boat.

He says he and his sister beat the tiger with sticks, but their 60-year-old father was still thrashing in the animal's jaws when they disappeared into the swamp.

The attack happened in the protected Sunderbans forest reserve in West Bengal state.

The Sunderbans National Park is home to one of the largest reserves of the royal Bengal tiger.

This was the fourth deadly attack by a tiger in the region in the last four months.


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