TIME names Kendall and Kylie among the world's most influential teens

By Shanaaz Prince
15 October 2014

They may not have the famous Kardashian surname, but sister, Kendall (18) and Kylie Jenner (17) are making waves of their own.

They may not have the famous Kardashian surname, but sister, Kendall (18) and Kylie Jenner (17) are making waves of their own.

Named on Time Magazine's Most Influential Teens list, the sisters, who rose to fame thanks to their roles on their family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, are clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Kendall and Kylie made number 17 on list and join the likes of US President, Barack Obama's daughter, Malia (16) and Sasha (13) who ranked at number 2 as well as Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith (16) at number 11.

The list determines the influence of popular teens around the world. This year's flock of teenagers include those who have a command of millions of fans via social media, a start up of companies with funds they raised on Kickstarter, their scenes on TV’s most popular shows,  those who are protesters with global ramifications, and even, like Malala Yousafzai, who ranked 18th on the list, those who win Nobel Peace Prizes, among other criteria.

Although not receiving the best response from Twitter fans, who have particularly criticized the sisters for making the list with the likes of Malala, who died at the hands of the Taliban, the influence of the Jenner duo is undeniable. Love them or hate them, news about the two spreads like a wild fire -- which may have something to do with their army of Instagram followers. The pair have a combined following of over 27 million.

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