Time to do a good deed

By admin
16 June 2011

It happens once a year – International Mandela Day, when you’re asked to devote 67 minutes of your time to making someone happy.

This year organisers are hoping the outpouring of love and understanding on 18 July will surpass anything seen in previous years.

The day aims to capture the spirit of statesman Nelson Mandela who selflessly dedicated his life to the liberation of South Africa’s people during the apartheid era.

President Jacob Zuma endorsed the campaign during his State of the Nation address in 2009.

‘‘Madiba was politically active for 67 years and on Mandela Day people all over the world, in the workplace, at home and in schools, will be called upon to spend at least 67 minutes of their time doing something useful within their communities, especially among the less fortunate. Let us wholeheartedly support Mandela Day and encourage the world to join us in this wonderful campaign,’’ he said.

It doesn’t have to be a physical act of charity or a donation; it could be anything from giving a less fortunate person an experience they would never have dreamed of to more sustainable projects such as establishing fruit and vegetable gardens. What you decide to do is up to you; use your imagination.

In the 23 June 2011 issue of YOU find out how local celebrities Kurt and Dunay Darren, Sophie Ndaba, Amor Vittone, Hlubi Mboya, Elvis Blue, Sonia Sedibe, Winnie Ntshaba and Jacques Blignaut will celebrate Mandela Day. You can also secure the chance top join them.

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