Tinder wants to introduce a pretty terrifying new feature

By Lauren Klaasen
23 February 2017

Thanks to augmented reality, Tinder could become like Pokemon Go for daters.

A way to avoid asking that awkward, “So are you single?” question is on its way, thanks to Tinder.

New tech could help creators of the popular dating app create more "meaningful" interactions.

Tinder hopes to use augmented reality to allow users to find out whether or not strangers are single, simply by pointing their smartphones at them, according to The Mirror.

"It’s a little scary," co-founder and CEO of Tinder Sean Rad said at a recent Startup Grind Global conference in California, BBC reports, as he described how developments in augmented reality and artificial intelligence would "definitely impact dating".

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"You can imagine how, with augmented reality, that experience could happen in the room, in real time. The impact is profound as these devices get closer to your senses, to your eyes, to your experiences.”

According to Live Science, augmented reality makes use of the user’s environment to "superimpose and supply new information above that which is visual and auditory obvious and sensible, without altering your reality".

Augmented reality was recently a runaway success in Pokemon Go, the Nintendo game that brought Pokemon back to life.

The game allowed players to "see" and capture Pokemon in their surroundings through their smartphone.

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When Tinder made its first appearance on smartphones in 2012 it was a basic "hook-up app", perfect for folks looking for, er, casual encounters.

But since then plenty of users have found longterm love and even married people they met via the app.

And this potential, albeit terrifying, new feature could make that process even easier.

As BBC tech reporter

"Why not add a few parameters and make it even more likely you will click?"

"A way of knowing someone’s relationship status without having to ask would be a very useful tool."

Online dating is about to become a whole lot more interesting!

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